Impact Wheels Product In Action

We joined a sponsor of Impact Wheel Group to capture their off-roading experience with Impact's product.

Tuscani Wheel Product Video

I work for a company that manufacturers aftermarket wheels and I create YouTube videos about their product features.

Mock Coca-Cola Commercial

Had a project for my visual marketing class to create a product commercial. This is something I filmed entirely in the corner of my closet.

NexGrill Christmas Party Video

NexGrill hired us to capture their 2023 Christmas Party. They wanted photos and a highlight reel. For this event we partnered with Kreative Control Media who shot and edited this video.

PZA P "With Me" Music Video

After filming two small snippets of Paul's songs, we finally got to filming a whole music video for his single, "With Me".


Paul wanted a video where he explains his new song and the meaning behind it, as well as show a snippet of the song for his listeners.

ATM Connect

ATM Connect wanted to get a quick and simple video of them installing an ATM at a new location.


This is the second video I was asked to make for Paul, and we went with a similar method where he speaks before showing a snippet of his new single.

Hellcat Redeye

The owner of this Hellcat wanted a video that could go with a trending TikTok sound. I created not only a horizontal video, but also a vertical oriented one as well.

Personal Reel/Tiktok

This was a Reel/Tiktok I created for personal use.